the (space) dream team


thanos makrynikolas

founder/ art director

Hi, I am thanos, founder of Space Dreams studio!


I  began my studies at the  National Technical University of Athens (architecture) and continued them at the University of Edinburgh (digital design MSc).

Since then I have worked in multiple roles, from academic positions to architectural practices and construction companies.

Through Space Dreams studio I try to combine all these experiences in one, unique architectural product.


ellie symeon

junior architect

Ellie Symeon is a junior Architect.


She was born in Athens, Greece, in 1994. She studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and she is currently a postgraduate student in Urban and Regional Planning, NTUA.


Alongside her academic studies, she has been practicing architecture with a special interest in interior design. Since 2019 she has collaborated with architectural firms based in Athens and the Greek islands.


eleni geragidi

lead designer

I am an Architect and Designer currently living in Edinburgh.
I have been working as a designer for the past three years. My experience includes designing logos, flyers, and brochures for a range of corporations.

I am capable of working effectively with a variety of creative software, including Adobe Photoshop, After effects, Maya 3D, and Unity game engine. I also have experience in web design; working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Along with my design experience, I have also been employed as an architect through which I have developed my problem-solving skills and time efficiency.