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the (space) dream team


thanos makrynikolas

architect/ founder - art director

Hi, I am thanos, founder of Space Dreams studio!


I  began my studies at the  National Technical University of Athens (architecture) and continued them at the University of Edinburgh (digital design MSc).

Since then I have worked in multiple roles, from academic positions to architectural practices and construction companies.

Through Space Dreams studio I try to combine all these experiences in one, unique architectural product.


ellie symeon

architect/ junior architect

Ellie is a junior architect.


She was born in Athens, Greece, in 1994. She studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and she is currently a postgraduate student in Urban and Regional Planning, NTUA.


Alongside her academic studies, she has been practicing architecture with a special interest in interior design.


Since 2019 she has collaborated with architectural firms based in Athens and the Greek islands, being a very important part of the space dreams team.


eleni geragidi

architect/ lead designer

Leni is an architect and a designer.

She studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and also continued her studies at the University of Edinburgh (digital design MSc).


She has been working as a designer but also in academic roles in the UK for the past four years.


Her broad design experience includes lighting solutions, 3d visualisations, logo design, and also a wide range of corporate id solutions.

Since 2020 she is a part of the remote space dreams team.


babis gkizelis

mechanical engineer/ technical manager

I am Babis, and I am a mechanical engineer.


Since I graduated from the University of Patras in 2020, I am working as a technical manager in Space Dreams studio.


I am mainly driven by my passion in construction and technical drawings and I try to implement my knowledge and gain valuable experience every day.

As a technical manager, I am part of the in-house team based in Athens.

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-29 at 18.55.09.jpeg

efi chatzikonstantinou

architect/ junior architect

Efi is an architect and designer from Thessaloniki.


She holds a diploma of architectural engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has also studied as an Erasmus student in Lyon, France and has previously worked as a research assistant in Ghent, Belgium, as well as a freelance graphic designer in Greece. Currently she is taking scenography classes at the National Theater of Greece.

Her approach to design is characterized by strong context and historical references, bold juxtapositions, and hybrid elements that balance between reality and fantasy, nature and culture, the historical and the contemporary.

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